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As my mother-in-law just said to me, the flying needles are back in action! It feels like it has been an eternity since I have posted a pattern online, but let’s be honest, the knitting never stopped. A true knitter knits year round, but there is just something that spurs the motivation for more projects when the weather cools down and you can actually start wearing all those hats and scarves soon!

Newport Hat -

Click on any of the pictures for a link to the Newport Hat Pattern!

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YarnCaron Simply Soft

Needles: Size 5 US circulars and size 7 US circulars and DPNs

Sizes: Baby, Youth S/M, Youth Large/Adult

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Required: Knit, Knitting in the Round

I am happy to report that my hats have been selling in the little shop in Rhode Island.  If you are a military member or spouse in Newport, Rhode Island, you can go purchase one at the The Ship’s Bell located in the Naval War College.  And of course, you can just make your own by using my free pattern below.

This hat is a new addition to their arsenal and I have to admit, I seriously prefer it over the Halsey Hat I was previously selling there.  Halsey is still a good option if you are looking for an additional anchor motif.

I love the slim anchors of the Newport Hat resting over the rolling waves below.  After knitting SEVERAL color combinations, there is no doubt that you just can’t go wrong with the good ole Navy Blue and Gold.

Newport Hat -

O. M. G.  Can we say bitchy resting face???  I was really trying to look happy in this picture too!  How does my husband put up with this look every day??? I desperately need a model for my hats, and a professional photographer.

If you aren’t a fan of blue and gold, here are a few of the other combinations I have done:

Newport Hats - naturallyknitting.comI usually knit the hats I sell in Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations and this is no exception. Most of my clients do not want hats made of wool (it scares them) and they also want a hat that is durable and will survive a washing machine.  This yarn does all of that, AND it is incredibly soft, AND it has great vibrant colors that don’t fade AND it won’t stretch out of shape.  Not to mention, it is incredibly affordable. These are all my own true opinions after 10 years of knitting, but hey, Yarnspirations, any time you want to start sending me free yarn, that will be fine too. ;)

Newport Hat -


Please feel free to post, comments, questions, errata reports, and pictures of your finished products!!!




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Don’t know how to knit or don’t have the time???  Visit my Etsy listing for this hat and order it online!

Ah, springtime…wait, what? It’s supposed to be spring????? Still not yet (barely) here in Rhode Island so what does that mean? I’m still knitting hats. Okay, let’s be honest, I’ll be knitting hats all year. It is clearly my favorite project to do. Yet, here I find myself the first weekend of May, looking at our family’s collection of hats and do you know who is in desperate need of one? ME! That’s right. As I find is often a problem most crafters have, I only knitted myself one hat this year and it is a thick gray version of my Finley hat pattern. I love it and it is so warm and comfortable and I wear it everywhere. So the problem, of course, is that I wear it everywhere. Also, my ears get incredibly cold very easily and I will be wearing hats all the way into the 70s (if we ever get there!), but not necessarily a heavier weight hat. That means I need to change it up a little with something different and a little lighter as it warms up!

Skylar free knitting pattern PDF

Other than gray, most of my clothes are some shade of blue so I figured that was the best color to choose. Working through my enormous stash of Caron Simply Soft, this hat is knit in Soft Blue, but it will look wonderful in any color that suits you. I love the cabling and the uneven ribbing I created in the pattern. This hat will match just about anything I wear from my super casual crop pants to a more dressed up outfit for an evening on the town. Skylar fits me perfectly as a beanie (23″ head circumference), has a little more room for my husband (22″ head circumference), and is a great semi slouch hat on my 9 year old and 13 year old.

Well, now that my husband has shopped for dinner, cooked it, cleaned the dishes, done a load of laundry, bathed our 2 year old, and is now reading her stories before bed time, I should probably go see if he needs any help!

Click Here For The Free Skylar Pattern PDF

Skylark free knitting hat pattern on

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Yarn: Caron Simply Soft 100% acrylic by Yarnspirations in Soft Blue

Needles: Size 5 US (3.75mm) circulars and size 7 US (4.5mm) circulars and DPNs

Sizes: One size fits most

Skill Level: Intermediate (beginning cabling)

Skills Required: Knitting in the Round, Cabling


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I have had the amazing opportunity this year to live in the most beautiful seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island. Everywhere I turn there is a new scenic view to take in, restaurant to try (the Smokehouse is my favorite), or attraction to discover. I have spent many hours walking along the Cliff Walk and touring the mansions (most of which are only a few minutes walk from my house). Sunsets on the west side of Aquidneck Island where Newport is located are phenomenal, and there is always some event or party going on SOMEWHERE in town. The wonder really is infinite, though the city only sprawls a couple of miles.

My Favorite Retreat...Cliff Walk

My childhood was spent touring the world because of my Marine Corps father and my Navy husband has moved me a few more places as well, all with their own style and charm. Nothing, however, compares to the interests and sites Newport has to offer. Truly an anomaly, Newport is the perfect blend of city, beach, seaside, cottage, walkability, vacation and more. It is also shares small Aquidneck Island with two other towns where we are less than ten minutes from u-pick fruit and vegetable farms, wineries, farmers markets, Christmas tree farms, wildlife preserves, and trails.  It is also the first home I have ever said I don’t want to leave. Unfortunately, I will be moving on in just two months. :( I am not sure how my nautical creations will fit in my new home of Omaha, Nebraska, but I will enjoy them here while I can.


Tiverton, a town just around the corner from us in Newport, is an appropriate name for this simple nautical beanie.  The hat reminds me of the crab floats that bobble around in the water in New England.  I will miss spotting them hanging from fences in town and off of restaurant doorways.  With the colors I used, Tiverton serves as a great nautical, Navy, or patriotic hat, sporting the good ole red, white and blue!  It’s a nice snug fit, knit with Caron Simply Soft, by far my favorite aran acrylic yarn by Yarnspirations.

Click Here For The Free Tiverton Pattern PDF

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Yarn: Caron Simply Soft 100% acrylic by Yarnspirations in Autumn Red, White, and Dark Country Blue

Needles: Size 5 US (3.75mm) circulars and size 7 US (4.5mm) circulars and DPNs

Sizes: Toddler, Youth, Adult

Skill Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Skills Required: Knit, Knitting in the Round, Joining Colors


Tiverton, a free knitting pattern from


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Halsey is a fantastic, yet simple, beanie with an anchor motif.  The thick ribbing section keeps it flexible for almost any of the FOUR DIFFERENT SIZES provided in the pattern.  A great way to try your hand at intarsia!  Basic crown decrease using k2tog in regular intervals.  Looks great in almost any color combination.  Halsey is a must knit nautical pattern for anyone living on any coast!

add it to your library: Halsey on Ravelry

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft 100% acrylic by Yarnspirations in two colors

Needles: Size 5 US (3.75mm) circulars and size 7 US (4.5mm) circulars and DPNs

Sizes: Newborn, Baby, Youth Small, Youth Medium/Large, Adult Small/Medium, Adult Large/XLarge

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Required: Knit, Knitting in the Round, Intarsia (knitting with two colors)

errata: The original pattern had 6 hat sizes.  I have since made a million versions of this hat and found that two of the sizes were irrelevant (too big and too small).  The youth hat fits on my 2, 9, and 13 year old perfectly fine, and looks terrific on all of them…not too baggy on the 2-year-old, not too stretched on the 13-year-old.  The newborn fits 0-3 months great, and the baby is made for heads between 3 months and two years.  The adult hat has also been tried on people of ALL head sizes.  I found an x-large size did not fit any of the people with “big” heads that I know, so I removed it from the pattern.


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Finley is a simple chunky beanie that knits up in no time!  The extra wide ribbed brim adds just the right design element to take this a step above the rest.  Offered in three sizes, Finley’s stretchy nature allows any one size to fit many head circumferences.  Knit up the smaller size for most youth from ages 2 – 10.  The middle size fits most older children and adults with small to medium heads.  The largest size for all other adults.  If you are looking for a slouchy or rolled brim style, simply knit one size larger than you would normally wear.  Be sure to check your gauge and read all directions before beginning the project!

add it to your library: Finley on Ravelry

Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma

Needles: Size 10 US (6mm) circulars and size 11 US (8mm) circulars and DPNs

Sizes: Youth, Adult Small/Medium, Adult Large/XLarge

Skill Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Skills Required: Knit, Purl, Knitting in the Round



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Knit in extended seed stitch, or moss stitch, Abigail is knit in the round with one cable rising up the side.  It is easy to get into the groove on this 20-rnd pattern repeat and it is a great way to learn how to cable, as the cabling is performed only 3 times in the entire pattern.

YarnCascade Yarns 220 Superwash 100% Wool

Needles: Size 5 US (3.75mm) circulars and Size 6 US (4mm) circulars and DPNs, cable needle

Pattern sizes: Adult one size fits most

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Required: Knitting In the Round, Cabling